Breast SHAPE. . .
- the shape of the female breast varies considerably. The breasts we manufacture in a range
of sizes have been 'tweaked' over the years for the best possible shape in each particular size, based generally towards slightly younger women. In fact, if women could choose their own breasts - they would want ours. They are cleverly designed to 'blend in' with the shape of your body to make them look as natural as possible. They also tend to 'bounce' correctly when you walk, especially when worn under a light support bra/top - so walking/moving smoothly is useful if you don't want to attract too much attention. .

Breast  SKIN. . .
- an enormous amount of work has gone into 'cloning' human skin, which is essential to make these breasts look real. The breast skin is soft and flexible, and is textured with natural skin colour tones. The skin even has minute blood vessels/mottling just under the surface - we are world leaders in this process. In our view, there is nothing worse than seeing shiny, sandwich film around a breast form (we say sandwich wrap is for sandwiches), especially when they shine from a camera flash when worn under a light top.    
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reality merge... 10 years of Prosthetics Production
Breast SHAPE. . .
- Unlike other suppliers, we don’t just have a blob to represent a nipple, or have some strange-shaped hard rubber disc to be glued on the end. We manufacture (accurately) soft, darkened pinky-brown nipples as a fully integrated part of the breast, which are pert. They look amazing under a bra, t-shirt or thin top (or even all three). It is very difficult not to want to run your fingers over your breasts whenever you see them, but don't do this while in public, it’s just not right.

Breast  FEEL. . .
- there is no point for us to have gone to all the trouble of replicating the look of human breasts without replicating the feel as well - because it is equally important. We use the latest range of gels (which are unique to us) to clone the internal tissue of a real breast. As women get older, their breasts firmness changes to a soft feel. Our top and Cleavage ranges are generally based on young middle-aged women, and are softer then most other breast on the market.
Breast Prosthetics Questions and Answers . .

We have lots of emails from people wanting more detailed information about the breasts we make, and we will cover the common questions here, but email us if you have more to ask.

Q;  How does the skin matching process work?
A;  When we receive an order, we then send out a skin-matching kit in a thin plain brown envelope consisting of about 10 small skin
     discs in varying skin tone. We include a return envelope saying ‘Pro-active Sportswear’. Follow the simple instructions we email
     over to you at the time to choose the closest match, and you return the kit back to us. Closer to your breast production, we send
     out the larger custom-mixed skin samples for you to retest. You chose the one that matched you best, and we go from there.

Q:  What is I have an unusual skin tone - can you match that?
A;  We can match just about any skin colour

Q;  How many skin tone are there?
A;  Unfortunately for us, there are 100’s

Q;  So, once I decide on the skin sample that matches my skin, you just make my breasts from that?
A;  Hmm, if only it worked like that, our life here would be a lot easier. When we get your chosen samples back, we then mix up your
      liquid skin from scratch. This can take up to 20 hours of work over a period of days to get the skin colour correct.

Q;  Why don't you just have all the skin colours ready mixed?
A;  There are so many skin tones (100’s) and then there are variations on theses, so we would need a huge warehouse to store them
      in, and we might not use 80% of them - it just depends on what skin tones are required, which varies from time to time. There isn’t
      really a particular average when you work with international skin tones.

Q;  I live on the other side of the world - how can this skin matching service work for me?
A;  We have been mailing out skin matching kits to many countries for years, so as long as you have a local mail service where you
      live, there is no problem.

Q;  If I get dirt, or make-up on my breasts, can I get it off?
A;  Yes you can. Any marks, other than permanent dyes can be removed in seconds with drop of washing up liquid and a damp cloth.

Q;  Can my breasts be washed?
A;  Yes, again, a damp cloth and a tiny amount of washing up liquid works very well, and they can be washed as often as you like.

Q;  Can you use make-up on the breast skin?
A:  Yes, the skin takes very well to loose face powders (without fine glitter which some have), and blushers. This allows the option of
      tinting the skin tone slightly if your own skin changes between summer and winter. White talc powder also works well to lighten
      the breast skin.
Breast Info