Order and Delivery
General Information:
We understand that it can be awkward to order these body products, and this is why we go to such great lengths to make it as easy as possible. When you contact us, you are speaking to people who are aware of your female interest. You will not end up talking to some faceless worker on a factory floor who doesn't know what you are on about. Our goods are dispatched from a private, quite house which makes it easy if you would like to collect your goods in person (UK customers). If this is what you would prefer, just phone us (during our phone hours) to arrange a private appointment and we'll give you easy instructions to find us.

The Mid & Top Range of Breasts are available in the following sizes:
B;   - probably the most common size of slightly small to small/medium breasted women in
       the UK (it is possible to wear these breasts at any time, and not be noticed - if you
        stood and moved carefully while wearing one or two thick sweatshirt).
C;   - our average size in the ranges, although many women would dream of having this pair.
       These breasts looks 'right' for the average girl without drawing too much attention. You
        could wear these while not being 'dressed'  (walking smoothly) and get away with
       it provided you wore a thickish coat/anorak and held your front 'in' slightly.
D;   - now we are getting into the big girl league. You will have almost no chance of hiding
        this pair under a coat (unless you wore a few). These breasts are quite heavy too.
DD; - these breasts are now getting bulky and really heavy to carry around - hello backache!
        Similar to D cups, but more mass in front.
G;   - the latest and biggest in our ranges. They are massive, but still in correct proportion.
Delivery Service - UK:
To make things easier for you, depending on your circumstances, goods can either be:
- posted to your address
- posted to a friend's address
- posted to a special business address (some small business centres often have a
  letter/parcel postal address service)
- collected by you from a private house in Horton, Dorset, England.
 If you require a Croptop fitting/trimming, then £25 is payable to cover our time.

Goods are carefully and securely packed in plain packaging. It is possible for us to post goods to you to arrive before midday on a day you specify (UK customers). If you need this service - let us know.

Delivery Service - Outside of the UK:
We package goods for overseas posting very carefully indeed, and have to date never had a any problems of damage, etc. We use branded couriers for this service, and will quote you delivery to your location in your country. We will let you know when your prosthetics are ready to make sure you will be around to receive them.
Ordering body products:
If you would like to order any of these female prosthetics, either print off the Order Form on the Price List page, fill in all your details and post to us together with a cheque, or fill in the order form online and email it back to us We will then confirm your order by email when we receive it. Thereafter, we will post off a colour-matching kit with instructions to you, so you can test for the closest skin tone, then return the kit to us. If you are having the Cleavage Croptop, then closer to production of your breasts, we will mix up your actual skin mix and mail out larger samples for you to retest. You mail them back to us and we go ahead and manufacture your breasts. We will keep you updated from time to time by email, or you can give us a shout now and again to see how things are going.

Privacy & Confidentiality:
We don’t not keep anyone's information online. We are also very careful when we contact anyone. The colour kits are sent in a well secured A5 brown envelope. The enclosed return envelope says ‘Proactive Sportswear’ on the front, just incase the wrong person opens it. We hand write all names and addresses on skin matching kit envelopes, breast packaging, etc to make them look more like an ‘ebay product,’ rather than something ‘official looking’.
We do not post any info, etc. to anyone's address, or by email, when a person's order is complete. So, if you would like updates on new products, etc, you would need to keep on eye on this site for updates.

Payment and currency:
Email us and we will work out a price for you in your own currency. Or you can ask your bank for the GB Pounds (Sterling) rate. We accept normal personal cheques (checks) in Euros, US dollars and most other major currencies, or your bank can also issue you with a cheque made payable to 'Pro-active' or 'Pro-active Prosthetics' in GB Pounds, or most other main currencies.
You can also pay by going to your bank and arranging an international bank to bank money transfer.
Any queries about this - email us anytime.  We are unable to accept credit cards at the moment.

We accept payment by PAYPAL. Please email us if you would like to make payment via this method.
Order & Delivery