Separate Range Breasts
The Top range not only has the cloned skin effect, but has our latest blend of replica internal breast tissue, which is soft and flexible. They are just stunning in the way that they hang, move and feel. The back of these breasts in this range are concave to fuse with your chest shape. If breasts are really important to you - then these are for you.
We are now able to put little freckles in the skins of all the breast products to push the total realism to the limit (almost beyond?)
The next stage on from this would be to put a network of small blood vessels under the skin, with a small pump and heating unit inside the breast, so if someone pricked themselves with a pin - they would bleed a little (maybe this is going to far!)
There is a pregnant breast option. . .
- if you're feeling broody from time to time, then our C to G cup sizes can be supplied with working milk glands. These top range or croptop breasts can have milk glands fitted just behind the nipples, which are filled with 'breast' milk through the nipples with a supplied syringe. This breast milk will assume you body's temperature after a time, and care will be needed not to squeeze your breasts, otherwise may will dribble (as any pregnant woman will tell you). They can of course be worn 'dry', in the same way as non-pregnant breasts, as they look and feel exactly the same. These glands are so accurate that a baby could feed from them and not know the difference. Please add £50 for this option.
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Mid Range versus Top Range. .
- we manufacture 3 separate breast ranges; our Mid Range, our Top Range and our latest Cleavage Range. The main difference between the Mid and Top ranges is the integral filling. The Mid range has a thick fluid filling, which produces a feel that is slightly softer than human breast tissue, and they tend to hold their shape quite well - especially in a bra. The back of these breasts are flat, but soft so they will flex with the body. If you are on a tighter budget, but still want a good looking breast with a decent nipple - then these are for you.
If you are wanting to take things to the ultimate level, then you can't get any more real than the latest Cleavage ranges. These use the same high-tech gels as the Top range, but takes breasts into another dimension. When you've worn the Croptop for a while, and it's skin and breasts reach your body temperature, you will feel as these are your own breasts - and you wont want to take them off.
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Separate Breasts