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It has always been a dream for those who take an interest in exploring their feminine side, to experience a 'real' pair of breasts. In fact, if we lived in another world, and if every male was given the opportunity of having breasts for one day, it is likely that nobody would want to give them back! The sight of a nice pair of female breasts is perhaps the 8th wonder of the world, or maybe even the first!
Although our top range of breasts come as close as it is possible to creating the perfect female breasts against the body in shape, skin colour, skin texture, feel, temperature, etc, because these breast are effectively separate, there is a seam around them where they finish and the body begins. It's just one of those things.
All the Photos on this page are of a D cup Croptop. This may be too big for some people with smaller upper bodies, which may be more suited to a C cup.
(Please note that all photos on this website are 'raw' - and not touched up in any way)
These are actually our breast body products and not a real woman, we know it's hard to believe with all the human details we put into the skin - but it's true. If you dont believe us - come and see
As you can see from the photos on this page, this has now been achieved. In fact, although we have been the people working on the breast croptop for so long - the results have even astounded us. The only way forward from this body product is to have breast implants.

Croptop Details
The croptop starts about an inch above the base of the neck, which allows this slight silicone/human skin joint to be covered with a scarf, chocker, necklace, headband, etc. It continues down to just below the base of the bra, all the way around the body. It extends outwards to just beyond the bra shoulder straps, front and back, and follows the upper edge of the bra as it curves under the arms. The croptop is cut vertically under each arm to allow it to be put on and removed with ease. The two edges under each arm overlap slightly.

At last. . .
For the first time it is now possible to have virtual full cleavage as 'female' nature intended.
The croptop has a unique skin formula which transfers heat quickly, so it doesn't take long for it to reach the same temperature of your own and make it feel like yours. Your breasts will take about an hour or so (depending on the outside temperature) to reach your own body's temperature all the way through to the nipple area, including heating up breast milk. Once this has occurred, there can be no closer feeling on earth to personally experiencing the total pleasure of having actual womens' breasts.

So at last, almost all the underwear and clothing restrictions have been removed. No more chest hair problems, no more removing glue from your chest, no more high necks, no more hiding things anymore (although you will have to keep an eye on 'them' to make sure they don't fall out!). At last it's time to show off what you have - it's time to join the rest of the provocative females and live in a new low-cut world, when you've got them, flaunt them - if you dare !
It has always been our ambition to push this concept of perfect breasts and cleavage to the limit. Work on this project has been going on behind the scene for a long time, as the manufacturing process is hugely complex, especially with the results which we require - to produce a full female cleavage which is seamless and looks completely 'homegrown'.
Latest Croptop update..
We have been asked as to which clothes are best to wear over a Croptop to achieve a really convincing and flattering result.  The skin of the Croptop has to end somewhere, so the area in question is just outside of the bra strap, from just above each breast up and over the shoulder to wear the shoulder straps join the upper rear section of the bra base - around the bottom of the shoulder blades.

If you want to wear a top or dress with shoulder straps, then the best effect would be best for the
shoulder straps not to be too narrow, otherwise the edge of the crop top may become slightly visible if the top's shoulder straps move about (some double side tape under the top edge of the shoulder straps would solve this problem).  Of course, any low-cut tops look stunning, whether V or curved plunge.  They fitted jacket with a button just below your breasts would also look amazing (the Liz Hurley look?), so the inside parts of the breasts will be visible if viewed from an angle.  The list of clothes that can now be worn is virtually endless.

The Croptop breasts have a tiny gap between them, and various bras will have some effect on their look. If you want your breasts to almost touch in the middle, then wear a bra where the cups generally 'become one' at the middle of the bra. For a slight gap between them, just choose a bra where the cups are just 'separate'.

The overall stunning effect and realism created by this body product can be useful when you're out in public.  Firstly, it will draw attention away from your face (if required - depending on what nature has given you) and of course increase the convincingness of your overall look, with no question that your breasts are real, therefore you must be a real woman.. In fact, it would be very interesting to be dressed as a male, but wearing a Croptop and low-cut top under a coat, and occasionally let women see your breasts. The results would no doubt be intriguing and make a nice change. The situation can be expanded, and if you were served in a shop, with your breasts on display, once you've got their 'attention', you could say that you are on large doses of medication for a particular illness and the side-effects have produced breasts, which you are just having to live with. Their reaction would probably be priceless.  

Although this body product does an amazing job in being able to show off the perfect cleavage, this is not it's only purpose. For those who are not interested in showing off their 'assets', they are also perfect for people who want to have the perfectly shaped breasts that feel and move like their own, while being completely covered with clothing.

We currently produce two breast sizes of Croptops, a full C cup and a full D cup. For the average person, these sizes of breasts produce a stunning look, without looking over the top. If you want to know which size/style of Croptop would be best for you - email us with your body size.
Oh..and if you get arrested for showing too much flesh, remember - you've never heard of us!
For all those who are the proud owners of a breast croptop (or 6 in some cases), we have a new section on this website, for general discussion, with hints and tips on how to get the best out of the croptops, etc. We will also be posting up personal experiences people have had, with these tops on display, what situations they have found themselves in, other people's reactions to them, etc. We have already had some very interesting feedback (?) and look forward to even more for us to post up here. You don’t need to include your name if you don’t want. The new pages can be accessed from here.
Croptop Questions and Answers:
We have a constant stream of questions about this Cleavage Range, and we will cover the common questions here, so email us if you have any more to ask.

Q; How long does it take to put on a Croptop?
A: When you first put your croptop on, it might take 5 minutes or so to get the right fit, and to get your bra in
    place. When you have done this a few times, it should take a couple of minutes

Q: How heavy are the breasts?
A: The croptops are a full C, D and E cup, and they are quite heavy, the same weight as human breasts would be
     for the same size breasts.

Q: Is the overall skin of the Croptop flexible like the breasts are?
A: Yes, it is very soft and stretchy, so it fits around your own body nicely and moves with it well.

Q: Does the Croptop have a rear skin below the back of the neck, like it does in the front?
A: Yes, the rear skin goes more than halfway down your back, and right around the body, so you can wear
    tops that expose the skin over your inner shoulders and shoulder blades, etc.

Q: Can you wear any bra with a Croptop?
A: You can wear almost any bra, provided they are the right size and shape to suit your breasts. We think the
    best bras are the ones which show off maximum cleavage, which allows you to wear any tops with very
     deep plunges if you're in the mood for them, or shallower tops if you want to dress more conservatively.
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