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Pro-active Prosthetics differs considerably from other companies who supply prosthetic breasts. First of all, we are an actual manufacturer of prosthetics in our advanced studio near Poole, Dorset, on the South Coast of the UK, rather than 99% of other companies who buy their plastic covered 'chicken fillets' in from a few mass produced manufacturers. We used to produce our products the same way as all the rest do (we based our designs on theirs), but working closely with our breast cancer patients for some time, it soon became apparent that the silicone breasts being used weren't anything like good enough to look like the real thing.
All silicone breasts that were currently manufactured actually looked terrible when compared with the human breasts.  It is sad enough for a woman to have to go through all the traumas that cancer produces, but when she is offered a generally nondescript, vaguely-shaped silicone boob in shiny, clear sandwich wrap with a brown blob 'nipple' glued on the end, to replace what she has lost - it just wasn't good enough for them, for us
We went back to our lab with a personal medical mission to move away from all other breast manufacturers - and to come up with the ultimate in human breast reproduction.  In 1998, with newly developed materials which are unique to us, the goal become an amazing reality. In 1999, we did a survey at some breast cancer groups, and showed them the various prosthetics breasts available on the market, including our own (although we didn't mention that we even manufactured any of them). Every single person said that given the choice of the various designs, they would choose our real-looking prosthetics.
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From then on, we have moved even further in human breast reproduction and now even produce our body products with freckles, minute blood vessels just under the skin, and we also used a unique technique of skin mottling, to make them look even more real. In fact, we have gone so far down this road that we now have nowhere to go - other than actually having a real bloodflow under the skin of these breasts.
The breasts we make are not thrown together on a mass-produced factory floor, but are in fact all handmade to the highest quality. So pleased are we with our new ranges that we are now offering them to non-medical customers so that everyone can benefit, as we are a medical company in the first instance.
As we are a prosthetics company, we can make almost anything for the body. Out of interest, we also make prosthetic fingers, thumbs, toes, etc for people who have lost digits, etc through injury, disease, etc.
If you would like something made especially for you, no matter how way out or weird it may be (and no, you can't shock at - we've seen it all!), we can probably make it. Just write/e-mail or phone us (during our telephone hours) and we will see what we can do for you.
And remember, this side of our service exists because you do.  Life is short, so don't waste any time in your life and end up with regrets later on of things you could have done when you had the chance (whatever it is) - but blew it.  
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